(In the noble tradition of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson)

The people and businesses I have listed below are ones I have had associations with, for various purposes, and have found them to smart, honest, competent, pleasant, talented and reliable.

As smart, honest, competent, pleasant, talented and reliable is sometimes in short supply -  I feel it is important to duly note it when you see it, and share their names.


Steven Kesten, Esq. - Employment Law:

Maureen Ohlsson Rodarte, Esq. - Custody & Family Law: Placer County.    (530) 885-7713

M. Scott Shuttleworth, Esq.  - Estates & Trusts: Planning  & Litigation:   

  www.caltrustattorney.com   (530) 823-7499
Scott is a designated specialist in this area of the law, and they don't come much better.

Helga White, Esq. - Bankruptcy Law - Auburn, CA  
                                            (530) 885-4433

Susan Romanishin - Immediate Mobile Notary - Notary  Public/Signing Agent  

Call/Text (916) 289-4663           www.ImmediateMobileNotary.com

 Susan works 24/7/365 and makes herself available in all  emergencies.  Always professional, always with a smile.

WALKER CONFIDENTIAL  - T. Michael Walker and Jayne Walker - Private Investigations [Civil - Criminal - Corporate - Concealed Assets - Missing Persons] as well as other legal services. Impressive and skilled investigation work, they always have my back, always come through in a pinch , and are incredibly nice and pleasant to work with.  I have no higher recommendation. They live up to their motto: 
 ("I do not seek - I find ." - Pablo Picasso)
 mike@walkerconfidential.com  www.walkerconfidential.com

FOUNTAIN INVESTIGATIONS - Doug Fountain - A modern-day gumshoe and factoid ferret:  Dmfinv@hotmail.com


Amelia Barrett at BARRETT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, serving clients in Placer and Nevada Counties.  Exquisite and personal service, with an eye to the best needs of the client:

Clark Pest Control  - Truly amazing service - the Cadillac Care of Bug Removal. They are conscientious, kind and patient - and they always get rid of whatever ails your (or your client's) property. In the Auburn area office, call Mike Biando at (916) 468-8027.


Dina Hoffman at Centurion Mortgage is hard-working, patient, and diligent at finding good lenders and loans for her clients. She did an incredible job for us - getting us through the whole lending and closing process quickly with a minimum of misery.  She was prescient - anticipating issues and having us prepared in advance.  I can't recommend her highly enough.  dina@centurionmtg.com 


PASS LABORATORIES, INC. - Audiophile Candy - Class A Amplifiers Supreme (among other great devices):   www.passlabs.com  There is none better.  Also:
FIRST WATT - the genius of Nelson Pass on display:  

 (The Queen of Direct Stream Digital) and her amazing  ears at: 

MILLENNIA MEDIA - Audio Microphones & Pre-amps of the first order, as well as mixing/mastering with John La Grou at the helm.  www.mil-media.com  (John and Cynthia La Grou's website is also a wealth of socially conscious links.)


John Pedersen & Judy Kaufman at AMAZING GRACE MUSIC in San Anselmo, CA . Old school service that you thought didn't exist anymore:  
(See also a subsidiary organization - that red-hot, old time band, The Roadoilers:


Johann Brentrup - Luthier Extraordinaire, making both Guitars and Mandolins. Han's instruments are beautiful and doused with magic.   www.Brentrup.com


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 Benjamin Franklin
 Abraham Lincoln
 Ralph Waldo Emerson
 Ayn Rand
 Philip K. Dick
 George Carlin
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 Glenn Beck
 and, of course... Dr. Hunter S. Thompson